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So is there any general consensus on the thickness of the pole and the depth of the bury. In my backyard I have a tree to 4x4 configuration. The 4x4 has been in the ground for over 17 years that I know about and I am going to replace it. My choices are 4x4, 4x6 or 6x6. I was planning on reinforcing it with concrete. I live in upstate NY with semi rocky soil.

Anyone care to recommend a size and depth of hole? I recently had a tree fall on my hammock while I was in it so I'm a little gun shy. In fact....that's why I'm replacing the current pole. I do have to admit....the 6x6s look HUGE!

Other than having them warp sometimes I have never had an issue with a
8 ft 4x4 post 2 ft in the ground. But this next time around i'm going to use the pressure treated round posts. there 5-6" thick and not expensive.
I prefer the look of them.
Advantage of the 4x4 posts are you can buy post caps for them.
They even make solar lights for the tops that are pretty cheap.