There aren't many BlackBird mods posted on this forum! I thought I'd share some of mine to hopefully get it started.

I put a small zipper pocket in the shelf of of my BlackBird recently, because -

- I wanted a place to put 'pocket items' that tend to spread out in the shelf and get tossed around when I move in the hammock. I didn't like feeling around and searching for them.

- When camping with the BlackBird without a tarp, any items left in the shelf can have some condensation/dew settle on them. I wanted to keep that off some items, like my ipod.

So, I did something about it.

I really liked IhangnBankhead's HH Pocket mod so I gratuitously stole the idea. But I didn't want to go through the trouble of cutting the hammock fabric to put it in like he did. So, I sewed up a small flat sack from some coated ripstop that I had on hand, and put in a 7" zipper. I left just enough room above the zipper to sew the sack into the shelf right inside the seam that separates it from the body of the hammock.

I also changed out the suspension for the recently developed Whoopie Sling method.

Finally, the stock white shock cord that ships with the Blackbird was looking a little ratty, so I swapped it out for something less visible that I'm far more likely to trip over.

Have you modded your Blackbird recently? Let's hear about it!