Ok guys one more nob question. Well one more for tonight. My sons ultralight Grand Trunk should be here tomorow afternoon. Yesterday I stopes at OWF and picked up some no seeum fabbric, 30' webbing, 4 welded tri-rings a zipper and some cord to make an enclosed bugnet ala BB. I am planning to stitch the no seeum on to the edge of the fabric make a slit in the side to add the zipper. The question I have is how long to tie the ridge line at? I have read and searched through lots of posts and have read to use something like 0.83 of the hammock lenght as a starting point. But it seams like I also read somthing about a precentage of the users hight. The hammock is 9'6" long according to Grand Trunks site. Any guidance would help a lot. I am hoping to get most of these mods done by Satuday or so. I am planning to take him up to the Sawtooth's early next week for a few days pack trip.