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    as long as your rl is still the origional 101" it should reach to cover the endmasses.

    i was able to insert a 2-3" stick before getting in no problem.

    running the shockcord under the black triangle or through the ring should accomplish the same thing

    easeing up the shockcord tension on the oc should help too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoyoteWanderer View Post

    Wasps still seem to really like this hammock, I had assumed that the previous issue was just happenstance, but I got a couple of more buzzing around today.
    Treating the Hammock with Permethrin should solve your bug problem quite nicely and won't damage certain fabrics like DEET will. Once it has been sprayed on and has dried there is no residue or smell. Has worked very well on my new Skeeter Beater Pro, hardly even need the netting now.

    If time hadn't been such a factor in me getting my hammock I probably would have gotten on the BBirds. Brandon will almost certainly be hearing from me sometime in future

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    Thank you for the suggestion. I hadn't heard of the permathrin stuff before, I will look into it - for clothes too - especially because we got eaten alive by mosquito's a few weeks ago.

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