This first 9 posts for this thread were copied/split from 3 other threads. The discussion of using rope/cording tree huggers deserves it's own combined space.
Also interesting was mention of a huggerless arrangement -

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...if you want you can ditch the webbing altogether and use rope huggers and the method that Turk explained somewhere and you have lightened your load and have the nicest suspension system that I have used. Using the rope huggers and Turk's method takes more time for setup, but saves a lot of weight over the webbing huggers. If Turk is browsing, maybe he can be induced to expand on his method. Using the rope huggers I can drop the hugger weight from 2 oz to approximately 0.5 oz.
I went and found the original post that was referenced -

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I should clarify. I am not opting out of treehuggers, and just ignoring tree damage, rather i have found ways to protect trees that involve no weight penalty. 10 finger sized 1/2" diameter sticks picked up off the ground stood vertically between my amsteel and the tree. this spreads the load perfectly.

I have yet to snap a twig, or mark a tree using this method. it adds a couple of minutes to my setup time, but saves a few ounces in my system weight.
Very interesting application, for the lightest possible suspension. I think that this is a good solution if something happened to a tree hugger (lost or damaged), but I don't think I will rely on it as a primary means, for myself.