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    BG Mosquito hammock initial thoughts

    Okay guys,
    Please bear with me as this is my first hammock.... EVER. I got it on sale at REI.

    Straight out of the box my initial impressions is that it's a bit more bulky than What i had envisioned. I put my size 12 foot in the shot for size reference:

    The rope used to pull the hammock together is in fact tubular nylon. the beaners are junk. i've gotten better ones at dollar general.

    I strung the ropes up well above my head, but ended up letting it down some.

    this thing has stray thread EVERYWHERE. it makes me doubt it's longetivity

    i'm 74" tall and i had PLENTY of room in the hammock. however, i did not hang it level so i kept sliding down. wished there was a strap or something in the head to pull up on.

    hanging with my 205lb rear end in it

    i'm not a fan of the way the bug net is set up. I had tied the rope that came with it to the doober that the beaner hooks to. i needed to hang it on the tree above where the straps were. it was all in my face, crowding me, and made me a bit clausterphobic. I'll toy with that later. Also showing where the rope goes through to hold it up.

    and the obligatory kid shot.

    I was comfortable in the hammock. I need to adjust how I hang it, and how I lay and I think it'd be great. My kids loved it. As I need three total, i'm definately giving the hammock bliss sky bed a try next. but for $$40something SHIPPED... shoot. can't go wrong.

    ETA: I don't like the sewn on bag. I think i'd prefer a stuff sack where I can put one end in and stuff to the other side. that way I can Hook up one end on the straps, and walk to the other side and have it come out as i walk and then hang on the other side. Either that or i'm going to pick up a set of snake skins
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    okay. so the suspension system has got to go. and i've got some toying around to do with the bug net.

    for now my thought is to use a whoopie sling around the tree and connect it to the hammock with a biner. thoughts?

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    I have one of the non-netted ones, The bag is easy to take off with a seam ripper and a little patience. You can put a grommet in the bottom of the bag to make it more like what you are wanting, if you switch the suspension. I replaced the stock rope with amsteel and that will allow you to take it through a grommet. I also replaced the straps that came with mine. I did not like the soft thick webbing it came with.

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    This is quality consistant within the relm of this part of the hammock industry.

    Try hanging the hammock as close to a 30 degree angle, as possible, and raise the foot end 4-6" higher than the head. This will keep you from sliding down so much. You should also attempt to lay in as much of an asym or angle across the hammock as width will allow. You should lose the "Banana" factor and result in a much flatten lay.

    After reviewing your pics hang angle looks good. Just try raising the foot end a bit and it will be a different animal.
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    That thing looks like it is begging for a structural ridgeline. You'd get a more consistent hang, and it would probably help keep the bug netting off your face.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanglingModifier View Post
    That thing looks like it is begging for a structural ridgeline. You'd get a more consistent hang, and it would probably help keep the bug netting off your face.
    I 2nd this. Also change out your suspension with amsteel and tree straps. No amsteel around the tree, it will hurt it. Ouch!!!!!
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    i'm already looking into getting a set of whoopies and some tree straps. I've found some on ebay for like $$13 but don't have any reviews on them. any suggestions on who makes a reasonably priced set of tree straps that are both light weight and built worth a crap?

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    Quote Originally Posted by arolfsen View Post
    i'm already looking into getting a set of whoopies and some tree straps. I've found some on ebay for like $$13 but don't have any reviews on them. any suggestions on who makes a reasonably priced set of tree straps that are both light weight and built worth a crap?
    I suggest that you support our cottage manufacturers and know that you'll [also] get quality products. You don't have to break the bank, but you can if you want to! Dutch Gear is a great place to start:

    If you're at all handy, you might look into splicing your own Whoopie Slings from Amsteel (also available through Dutch). It's easy if you take a few minutes to read/follow some tutorials and give it a shot.
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    in the process of trying to find a happy medium between having the mosquito net to high and right in my face, the net has completely torn away from the eyelets. contacting REI now for a return.

    ETA: REI FREAKING ROCKS! so I was telling them exactly what happened and the first thing they asked was if i wanted to exchange it.... and the lady was like "oh. wait. your not going to like this. we're showing it's out of stock". So she puts me on hold and eventually transferred me to a lady named julie who told me that "for safety reasons, you should discard the hammock and we will be issuing you a total credit." HOW CAN YOU BEAT CUSTOMER SERVICE LIKE THAT!
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    Good B.G. hammock review. great price ;-)

    Free hammock just a simple bugnet repair cool stuff! I strongly agree with all the advice of the comments above. Not your fault but a hang angle of less than 30 degrees puts a lot of excess tension and stress on the hammock and bugnet, this should be clearly explained in the instructions with every hammock sold. A personal irritation of mine.
    I like your photos and review it was very good.
    As you suggested swap out suspension with amsteel and straps you assemble from parts or a full kit from a place like
    If someone in your area can help you make your first W.S. or you buy one as an example that may be best but whoopie slings are actually very simple to make. If you can sew with a machine or even just by hand "tree huggers" from webbing straps are also easy to make. You have kids that like to hang so this is what I would do.

    Edit: thanks again for your review. One thing that really showed up well in your photos that never really stuck me in the B.G. marketing photos was that the bug netting is white not black. I have found that it is easier to see through black netting than any other color especially white. So if you cannot repair the netting with a patch fairly easily and wish to just remove it and use a separate add on net. Be sure to look for a black no-see-um one. Some people with minimal sewing skills have even picked up $5-10 generic cot military nets at a Army Navy surplus store and added cutouts with drawstring or velcro closures at the hammock suspension locations and a similar closure at the bottom. Or this:
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