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    Yes my favorite singer/storyteller.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cannibal View Post
    "Ya know I was talkin to my friend Desdamona the other day.
    She runs this space station and bake shop down near Boomtown.
    She told me that human beings are flawed individuals.
    The cosmic bakers took us out of the oven a little too early and that's reason we are as crazy as we are.
    And I believe it!
    Take for example when you go to the movies these days
    You know, they try to sell you this jumbo drink
    8 extra ounces of watered down cherry coke for an extra 25 cents
    I don't want it!
    I don't want that much organization in my life
    I don't want other people thinking for me
    I Junior Mints!
    Where did Junior Mints go in the movies?
    I don't want a 12 lb Nestle Crunch for $25
    We need more Fruitcakes in this world; less bakers
    We need people that care
    I'm mad as hell and I don't wanna take it anymore!"

    Jimmy Buffett; Fruitcakes

    I was hoping that would make it in here

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