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    Pinhoti trail---Mcdill point hammock camp

    Last month, I took my son to the Pinhoti trail in alabama. We hiked in to Mcdill point, and spent the night. This was kind of a shakedown cruise for my double hammock rig----and it worked flawlessly! It was a pretty hot day, so we hike in during the morning, and spent the afternoon in the hammocks reading and napping. That night we watched the sun go down, and then had a very comfortable night s rest! There is no water where we camped, and because it was pretty hot, I didnt bring a stove------we carried all of our water and went cookless. It turned out very well---I was really pleased! My son Seth had never slept in a hammock before, and I was kind of worried how that would go-he has a very active imagination! But, it wasnt a big deal at all, he jumped in his hammock and went right to sleep! Mcdill point has excellent overlooks, and there is a small plane wreck near the summit. Since Im an aircraft mechanic, I find it very interesting! This is one of my favorite places to camp, and i have spent many enjoyable nights there. It was fun to share it with my son.! I always get a kick out of this place: its one of the few places I have hiked where you can sit on a cliff, and see the place you camped the night before-----very rare in the southeast! I love to sit and watch the vultures and hawks soar below me---Its a pretty special place! P.S. while we were in the area, we hid a Geocache (spider cache) If any of you are into geocaching, check it out!
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