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    Pasayten Wilderness-Boundary Trail, WA

    My daughter and I did a 9 day trek through the Pasayten Wilderness of Washington State from July 11 to July 19. This was a 105 mile trek on the Boundary Trail and extentions thereof from Irongate trailhead to the Ross Lake National Recreation Area of the North Cascades NP complex. This trail runs just south of the border with Canada. Parts of it have not been maintained for years and it was a true adventure in every aspect. I have posted an extensive trip report on a local forum here. I also have pictures from the hike posted here.

    I slept 5 of the 8 nights in my Byer Moskito. One night I used it on the ground as a bivy setup for a bug-free night in a mosquito infested area with no suitable trees to hang from. I used a full length blue CCF pad with a 3/4 thermarest LE placed sideways under my torso and shoulder area (sort of a "T" layout). While somewhat heavy, this setup allows me to go to ground quite comfortably if need be. The Thermarest placed sideways also helps keep the mosquito netting off my face. I let my daughter use my Nunatak BCB for a sleeping bag while I used my homemade bodybag BCB knockoff of synthetic insulation for a quilt. It worked very well, keeping me warm during a violent thunderstorm one night and also sleeping in the open at 6000 feet at the end of Freezeout Ridge. Here are a few pictures of my hangs, and some scenery too:

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    Beautiful! Love that Pacific North West!

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    Stunningly beautiful country ..... and trip. Time well spent with your Daughter. Not to be forgotten. Love the camp pix......
    I hammock because I am.

    Whooooo Buddy)))) All Secure in Sector Seven

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