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I have the same problem with my stock HH Tarp. When you pull it taught on all for sides, there seems to be a few "creases" on the top of the tarp. I still havent figured out how to fix this, but like ShakeyLegs said, most people get the aftermarket tarp, and thats what I plan to do, so I wont try and spend much time to figure it out. If I do figure it out before I get the tarp, Ill tell you right away.

Have you tried:
A: tieing to the trees(at least one end) rather than the spectra rope?
B: adding a ridgeline cord under the tarp?
C: both?

With one or both of the above, I can get that sucker pretty darn smooth and tight, with a sharp crease on the top A-frame style ridge. Without at least one of the above, my results are pretty lousy.