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    Quote Originally Posted by specialscott97 View Post
    I have the same problem with my stock HH Tarp. When you pull it taught on all for sides, there seems to be a few "creases" on the top of the tarp. I still havent figured out how to fix this, but like ShakeyLegs said, most people get the aftermarket tarp, and thats what I plan to do, so I wont try and spend much time to figure it out. If I do figure it out before I get the tarp, Ill tell you right away.

    Have you tried:
    A: tieing to the trees(at least one end) rather than the spectra rope?
    B: adding a ridgeline cord under the tarp?
    C: both?

    With one or both of the above, I can get that sucker pretty darn smooth and tight, with a sharp crease on the top A-frame style ridge. Without at least one of the above, my results are pretty lousy.

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    I did do a couple of things. I ordered some self tentioning lines, and put those on the side tyeouts of the stock tarp. I used the existing black cords to put as the tree tyeouts. This way, it is:

    1) above my hammock
    2) tighter with the lines going to the tree
    3) the self tentioning lines work like a charm. They pull the sides taught, which in turn, pull (most of!) the creases out of the ridge.

    I havent tried it in rain yet, so far ive only spent one night in my hammock, but this weekend ill get to try it for another night (I dont know if its going to rain, I want it to, but i dont!). Im getting a MacCat soon, so I shouldnt have to worry about it for too long.

    When people say camping is for sissys, what does that make them....?

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