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Thread: New 14x10 tarp

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    New 14x10 tarp

    Got my OES tarp today so I headed out to the park and tried to set it up, luckily it was only 110 F today Nice tarp, it took longer to set up then I thought it would. I have my JRB BMBH under the tarp. I like the black on black. Now I just need a green JRB MWUQ to make it pop! The second to last pic is my ridgeline running to the tree. I think it worked out well, made for easy adjustments. I used nite ize figure 9's going to the ground attached to MSR ground hog stakes. Question, what do you all use to pound your stakes into the ground? I took my leatherman multi-tool but it was tough to get the stakes into the hard ground. The last pic is my tarp, 10 nite ize figure 9's, two nite ize figure 9 carabiner, 8 MSR ground hog stakes, 130' of rope, my JRB BMBH with bug net, pocket organizer, webbing and tri-glides and the JRB spreader bars on the outside to show size. Seems like it will be a pretty nice set up
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