I got a few pics up. You can see the gallery here:


I will upload more pics when I get a chance.

I came away with several ways to tweak my system:

A BB sack will be one of my next projects. I really like the looks on NCPatrick's. I'm going to add an internal pocket for my removable covers on my HH clone.

I am serious thinking about adding side tie outs to my tarp, like slowhike's tarp, to give me more room under the tarp (slowhike, you got a close-up of the side tie outs on your tarp and how they are sewn on?).

I think that I am going to do away with the tarp tensioners on the bottom of my tarp. The latex rubber is becoming milky looking and is starting to crack. I will probably save a couple of onces of weight by getting rid of them and replacing the latex tensioners with a piece of shock cord.

A couple of things I learned from this trip:

Ring buckle supports are great.

Polyester webbing has very little stretch. I set up my hammock, laid in it for a couple of minutes, and then re-tightened the straps and they pretty much did not stretch the rest of the night. My hammock was at the same height when I woke up as when I went to bed. No late night adjustments.

I found that the ripstop top cover makes a great wind blocker when open on one side. I originally used the netting cover for my hammock, but I was told by a couple of the locals that the temps were going to drop and there was a chance for a little snow Sunday morning so removed the netting and used the top cover. The temps stayed in the mid fifties and within about 10 minutes of having the top cover completely closed it became like a sauna in my hammock. I left the windward side zipped and completely opened the side of the hammock opposite the wind and I got no drafts. Sweet.\

My HH clone is super comfy.

Can't wait until the June SEHHA!!!