Recently received my WBBB and Yeti and I'm having a little trouble pairing the two together.

When I pull the Yeti cords over my hammock knots it forms a VERY tight sling. I've tried adding a little extra rope (shoe string actually) to loosen the set up... however, no matter what I do, I feel like a wiener in a hotdog bun! The Yeti cords pull right up against my body and actually make it a little difficult to lie asym - both my head and calves rest against the taught cord (not real comfortable).

Does anyone have any luck with rigging the Yeti a little wider out so it doesn't add shoulder squeeze? What about rigging the line around the footbox?

I've been hammocking for a while now... but heck, there's a decent chance I'm just missing something here.

Any input would be great.