Just getting a list together of things I need, thought I'd check the used market out before I went and bought new stuff.

-Base layer clothing tops & bottoms size medium, maybe large if its tight/running small. Also maybe any other hiking clothing you have. Outside layers would be size large. Pants 32x34 ish size.
-A good compass/thermometer
-Stuff sacks of various sizes. Like a food bag, and such. Maybe compression bag for a sleeping bag. Or a whole new sleeping bag. (Currently using a 20* F&S bag )
-A Balaclava
- Gaiters (Not really necessary, just looking for a cheap pair to see if I like them this winter. Never had them)
-Gloves or preferably Mittens. I'd like a pair like the Outdoor Research Meteor mitts that includes a liner glove that I can expose my fingertips with.
I need some socks, anyone have suggestions on good socks?