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    Smile JRB Double Differential Cut U quilt

    SOLD $225 shipped to cont. U.S.
    This is a prototype that I won on Mount Rogers this year. It is double differential construction which means when used an an underquilt it will not compress the down. The inside dimensions are smaller than the outside dimensions so that no matter how you hang it it will not get too tight to cause compression of the down.
    This quilt weighs 25 ounces. Thats not quite as warm as any quilt they sell, but since it is a prototype there is no data on it on their site. It is beautiful and I am including a new JRB underquilt suspension system with it.
    I have also installed the underquilt modification offered by JRB for the better fitting foot end of the quilt. I will ship it stuffed.

    Also it appears that the new prototype is about 1 or 2 inches wider and 3 or 4 inches longer than the ORM. See other pictures in following post.
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