OK so I posted about my Frost Butt Syndrom in my trip report yesterday, and now I am trying to figure out what to do for a pad in the next few days as I have an invite on a 50 mile 5 day hike in the Seven Devils range here in Idaho leaving on the 12th. So I am expecting about the same temps, uper 30's is a safe bet, and I realy do not want to end my nights sleep at 5am and go sit by the fire till the sun comes up. So I was hoping sombody would help me figure out how thick of CCF pad to get to keep the chill out in Idaho summer weather. I would love to order a Yeti UQ but $$$ just are not there right now. And being the only hanger on the trip I would rather not look like a total nob frezzing my but off. And second any body have a good recomendation as to were to get it from for a guy on a budget. I got my 1/8" pad from OWF here in Idaho but for 3/8" or 1/2" there price realy jumps up. What about getting a 1/4" and cutting it down to say 25" wide and glueing that to the wider 1/8" pad to beef it up?

Thanks all, I would have never had a chance at making hanging an option if not for all the great advice and help this comunity has to offer.