Discussion about hydrophobic down treatment in another thread got me thinking again about pads. My first night as a noob lying directly on one was a wrestling match so I abandonded the idea of using one and modified a sleeping bag for a great UQ. But the "accumulation" of moisture in down during extended trips in freezing weather, as per the discussion mentioned, has caused me to reconsider pads.

It seems that in extreme cold when moisture does not evaporate from down a vapor barrier is recommended. Am I hearing that right? And if that is so then it might as well be a pad that also adds insulation.

Now, I've seen ice evaporate when sun shines directly upon it. But inside a quilt that is not likely to happen. So, how would one get rid of the moisture? My metabolism is very high and I put out a lot of water vapor. I love down but the accumulaton of moisture in freezing weather concerns me.

Are most padders exclusively padders with DL hammocks? If so, how do you stand it in the summer?