OK so it looks like my trip report has genarated a bit of intrest from a few to come on up this way for a get-together. So far Plowhourse and Gargoyle have said they would be in. Anybody else? For now we are looking at next fall as the possible time, I just looked through the game regulations and most zones are open for elk season in October and early November. For that time of year we would need to plan on frezzing conditions and a high likly hood of snow. But last year temps were still warm into late October. And the first real snow of the year was not untill late December, so anything could hapen.

So any body else intersted in making the trip up for a fall group hang? The topic of steaks and brew was raised in my TR thread. So why not make this a feast. Many areas that we could pick to go would have good access from car, so taking a load of food and drink would not be a problem and then we could hike in further from there.

So any questions, ideas, or more intrest?