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    2/3 UQ by Hangnout's daughter Review.

    Summary of My Findings
    Use: Summer, Early/Late Fall
    Price: 99$
    Weight: On my scale 8oz.
    Dimensions: 38" X 45 1/4"
    NOTES: Could be used in conjunction with a second full UQ to add warmth on winter hangs with minimal weight or bulk gain.

    I was looking for a piece of gear that was going to allow me the ability to lessen my weight and bulk in my pack. I had read through the posts about the pros and cons of a 2/3 and figured it may be just what I needed. I had two main concerns about a 2/3 UQs ability. One: I am not a pad guy just canít seem to keepíem in place regardless of my attempts and for me just plain uncomfortable. So the fact I wasn't going to be using one under my feet for the extra insulation due to the UQ's shorter length was of some concern. Second: I use a bunch of sag in my hammocks. Love to be able to move around when I am lounging, and still get that support for sleeping when I lay on the diagonal. So when I saw pics of the HD 2/3 UQ used on a Clark with muuuuuch less sag than mine I was a little concerned about fit, but both where short lived concerns after my first few nights in it.

    First night: I slept in my kit with full setup, used DIY Hammock, Hammock Bliss Bug net, DIY Tarp, Hangouts Daughterís 2/3UQ (HD 2/3 UQ) and a JRB Shenandoah TQ. Slept in T-shirt, skivvies. With a constant breeze, Temps went down to about 68 and slept fine. No cold spots and was warm and snug all night.

    Second night: Knew it was gonna get a little cooler and was not too sure of how much, so I used DIY Hammock, Hammock Bliss Bug net, DIY Tarp my JRB Hudson River as a TQ and added the Shenandoah under me in conjunction with the HD 2/3 UQ. Slept in T-shirt, Thin Fleece Pants. With a very slight breeze, Temps got down to 55 and I was sweating. I slid the Shenandoah from under me and was half in half out of the Hudson River, had no issues with cold spots under me again. This cured my worry about the bottom portion of my legs getting cold. I should also add I use a stuff sack with cloths in it under my knees to support them. So I am thinking this helped a ton as far as my calves getting cold.

    Third night: Again temps where suppose to be on the cooler side and knew from the second night I should be fine with the HD 2/3 UQ as my sole under insulation. I was using the hammock that day as a lounger in the shade, so I never hung my Tarp. DIY Hammock, Hammock Bliss Bug net, HD 2/3 UQ and JRB Shenadoah TQ. I was looking to find out how low I could get with just the Shenandoah as my TQ. Slept in a T-shirt, Thin Fleece pants. With a slight breeze, temps got to 52, and the only time I realized any part of my body was cold (My Head) is when I woke up for the usual evening chore. Slapped my trusty thin wool sleeping cap on and was again fast asleep till morning. No cold spots to report.

    As for my findings in the reason I wanted a 2/3 UQ:
    I use a stripped down external frame pack that I strap separate stuff sacks to the frame. Similar to this. This allows me the ability to choose what I want to get into at any time instead of digging all the way trough a top load pack. Plus I can add or remove any amount of stuff sacks to suit my need for that specific hike. So I have two size Black Bishop sacks I use for my Hammock kit. One is large enough for my winter needs and one is slightly smaller for summer use. I was able to add the HD 2/3 UQ in my Winter Stuff sack that holds my Hammock, JRB Hudson River and Shenandoah UQ/TQ and Bug net with no extra effort or lose in compressibility to the stuff sack. And the extra room I gained from packing the HD 2/3 UQ instead of the Hudson River in the summer stuff sack was exactly what I was hoping for. I am even thinking of making a smaller one as there was quit a bit of extra room in the Summer stuff sack.

    To Hangnout and daughter: Thanks again for the UQ worth ever penny and the craftsmanship is awesome. Should give me many fun comfortable nights in the wood.

    Some pics: I apologize for no outdoor pics as I had already hung it back in my bedroom before I had remembered to take pics.

    This is my home setup and the bulge on the right in the UQ is made from my pillow. Usually donít have my JRB Quilt in there, normally use a heavy blanket, but it just looked weird in the pic.

    Nice shot of the loft and hang you get on a gathered end hammock.

    A close up of the craftsmanship and the last two show the consistent loft (1.5") all the way through the UQ.

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    Glad it worked out for you. Keep us updated as temps drop.

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    I have two of the three season UQ's from Hangout. They are also great products. I bought them off the forum after reading some other members reviews and have not been disappointed.

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    Mine will be shipping tomorrow.... Can't wait to try it out
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