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The Campsite

The Morning After

Trip Report

5:30PM - I have found what looks like a good place to camp. No-one can see me from the road and it looks like no-one has been here for a long time.

I'm a bit worried about the timing, though. I won't be able to get back until just on dark because I haven't finished my work yet (but I dragged a heavy trailer all the way here and I AM GOING TO CAMP!!)

7:30PM - I have finally made it back to the campsite after my lesson. My friend Nao is with me (and that is a really big help - I needed his help to set the hammock up and hold the torch for me) The windup torch was a stupid idea, btw. It means I have no hands free when I need to use the torch.

9:30PM - I'm in a hammock with the tarp on back to front... (I hope it doesn't rain!)

Why is the tarp on back to front?

Well... I set the hammock up once the day it arrived (in the middle of a bamboo forest at 5PM with no mosquito repellent) The tarp didn't look right, but I was in a hurry.

10PM - The hammock is set up, Nao's gone home and it's starting to rain! I will take my computer and go to bed.

12AM - A really big thunderstorm has started! I am still dry inside my hammock, but I'm very cold (so I put on my rain suit and sleep in it) It never gets this cold at this time of year, so I didn't bring a sleeping bag...

6AM - I wake up and make tea with my Kelly Kettle and make some breakfast too (pork chops grilled over a fire and then boiled in home made chicken stock - it was a good breakfast :-) ) It's raining very hard and the river is flooded!

9:40 - Nao came to get me and we went to an onsen (it was very close to my campsite) It was great to have a long, hot soak!!

12PM - I pack up my (very wet) camping equipment and Nao puts my bike and my trailer in the back of his 'K-Truck' and takes me part of the way home.

2:40PM - I finally get home. That trailer was too heavy! I had to get off and push up every hill :S

3PM - I start hanging everything out to dry all over my apartment...

Adventure Over