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    Well hung weekend on the Rapp

    Did a day float trip on the Rappohonick in VA, and stayed in the Rappahonock River Campgrounds (primitive).
    Me in a $65 HH exped. (Thanks to AminalControl on here)
    My son in a Parrot bay w/Claytor tarp
    Strung-2-tight in his zipper modded HH explor.
    Jerry in his HH explor.

    We where attacked by a herd of racoons about 9:00
    Started to rain about 11:00 PM
    Jerry was sleeping with his rain fly flipped over, then he rolled his hammock in his sleep, woke up soaking wet, face down in the bug net screaming for us to help him.
    Rained till about 5:00AM
    All stayed dry 'cept Jer.

    Rappahanock River Camp Grouds makes a good base camp for wading and doing day trips on the river.


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    Sooooo, my router was blocking my uploads!
    so heres the pics of the Rappahanock trip

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    Looks like your about to loose your glasses in picture 4. Those are some huge fish. Stung-2-tight kinda sounds like my user name.

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    Looks like fun. We fish down at Tappahannock quite a bit. Did you catch any croaker (the one looks like a small croaker?) That's usually what we are after. I'm still gleening info off this site before I take my first trip in a hammock.

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    My glasses got nocked around from the fight that fish put up!!!!!

    No croakers, don't think they get that far up.
    Lots of good info here, but the main thing is just do it !

    Where packing up and heading out to WV Friday morning.


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