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    Family Reunion at Sebago Lake

    So this is my first report and first post here goes.

    I have a home made hammock and have just modified it after watching the video about all the knot and suspension variations on you tube to use the Marlin Hitch with a 4" piece of 1/2 " PVC pipe (See photo if I get them posted)(Thanks Grizz for the awesome video) My bug net is a piece of polyester cloth purchased for $0.50/yd held on with clothes pins till I get the wife to rethread the sewing machine to make some alterations. The tarp was stock blue plastic from the garage. I was the only nut, I mean hanger, at the event and everyone was sure there was no way I would survive. There were about 10 tents that ranged in size from 4 person to the Taj Mahal. Wednesday night it started raining right after dinner and thunder stormed most of the night. I put a inflatable pad and a fleece sleeping bag in the hammock and slept on top in shorts and a tee shirt and was warm all night as it was about 70 deg. This is car camping at its finest and we use a wheel barrow to haul everything from the parking lot to the camp site 150 yds away. Any way after the Wed. night storm there was 10+ inches of water in the wheel barrow. I however was dry and had a relatively good nights sleep. Thursday was spent canoeing, kayaking, swimming, and blue berry picking and since it didn't rain everybody slept well. Friday dawned a bit overcast and by noon it had started to rain again. I took a much needed nap @ 2-3 PM and when I emerged still bone dry from my hammock people were still a little shocked. The rain continued and shortly before dinner there was somewhat of an exodus as some people got fed up and decided a warm dry bed sounded appealing. We awoke Saturday to an absolutely glorious day and left late in the day after a nice family meeting.

    What worked:

    The marlin hitch was great! Late Wed. night everything had settled quite a bit and my a** was draging the ground literally. I was able to get up, take out the PVC "stick", move the loop up the strap, reinsert the PVC, and get back under the bug net before the mosquito population knew there was fresh meat available.

    The bug net, even though it was only draped over the hammock, kept most of the little buggers at bay and only when the sleeping pad got a little twisted and stuck out over the edge of the hammock leaving a gap did I have any intruders.

    The first two nights were so warm I was really hot sleeping on top of the pad and fleece sleeping bag. Friday night I finally got in the bag but kept it unzipped all night as it was still just below 60 deg.

    Well that's it from sector 1.25 and hopefully the pics upload with this.
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    Thankee for the report.
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