I went up to Boundary Waters Canoe Area, last Thursday, with my cousin Vinnie. We entered at the Baker lake entry point and paddled through Baker, Peterson and Kelly Lakes until we found a campsite on Jack Lake.

We realy had to work for fish, but most of the fish we caught were lunker bass. My cousin caught one close to 6lbs (neither of us had a camera with). We did catch a couple eater sized Walleyes too. All the fish were caught on black jointed floating Rapalas near shore or rockpiles.

After reading this site I have realized that alot of camping technology has passed me by. Most of my gear was state of the art when I purchased it after getting out of the Army, 18 years ago. But now, It's old tecnology. Most gear, that is, except for my new WBBB hammock . My cousin was a bit skeptical when I told him I was gonna be sleeping in a hammock instead of the tent, until he laid in it and didn't want to get out. I have been going to the BWCA fot 25 years and this last trip was the best sleep I've ever gotten in the wilderness. I also stayed nice and dry even though we had rain about 50% of the time most days. I bought a Claytor Diamond Fly (http://www.mosquitohammock.com/), it kept me nice and dry. I think that the fly is about the bare minimum, for the WBBB, and I will have to get a larger fly for cooler months. But I did stay warm down to 55F with a thermarest pad and a JRB Shenendoah as a top quilt (http://www.jacksrbetter.com/Rectangular%20Quilts.htm). I think I could have gone down much further temp wise.

It was a great trip, I wish I had some pictures to share. I'm planning a fall trip this year, it will be my 3rd trip this year. I will take pics then. My first trip this year was uncomfortable and made me look into hammocks and I thankfully I found this forum. This forum and the friendly people here really helped me make some good decisions that made my camping that much better so thanks all.