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    Improvements to the Skeeter Beeter

    I just have to say that I'm much happier with the changes that Grand Trunk has made to the Skeeter Beeter line. I recently purchased a SB UL because it's lighter than my SB Pro. I purchased the SB Pro a year ago when they were solely The Travel Hammock. It's a nice hammock but there were somethings I didn't like about it. They only had a single zipper mechanism so while laying in the hammock you had to stretch the entire 10'6" length to get it zipped up. This is troublesome for someone like me who is 5'9". Grand Trunk has remedied this problem with the insertion of a double zipper mechanism so they can meet in the middle of the bug net instead of the end.

    Grand Trunk also wisely replaced the bug net suspension nylon ropes with shock cords. The only thing improvement I'd suggest on this are cord locks at the ends so you can quickly put up the bug netting instead of having to tie it at each end.

    They also changed the whipping from a gathered end to a channeled end. This make the hammock slightly less bulky. I like this enhancement a lot.

    Since I only have the new UL, I can't say that these changes are across the entire product line but I'd bet they have been implemented.

    For the price, the SB UL's size, weight, and comfort is extremely hard to beat.
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    I have the SBPro and the nylon loops for the netting has changed to elastic loops. They aslo have the two way zipper as well. I am loving it.

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    I have the Skeeter Beeter (not Pro - purchased in the spring). Mine has the shock cord net suspension and the double zipper as well.

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