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    7/64 Amsteel Blue $0.18/ft @ WestMarine (til Tuesday 29 Sep 2014)

    I hope this isn't considered commercial spam, but I wanted to pass along a coupon code for 40% off bulk rope orders at WestMarine. Enter "ROPE" in the coupon box at checkout for 40% off.

    They have 7/64 Amsteel-Blue AS-78, 1600 lb breaking strength for $0.29/ft, so with the discount that is just under 18 cents per foot. You can ship to store for free, and the free shipping threshold is $49 (282 feet of rope )

    It should also apply to New England Ropes dyneema lines, which start at 1/8" / 2800lb for $0.45/foot before the discount.

    Offer is good until 11:59pm PDT Tuesday 23 September 2014.

    They are no longer listing the New England "7/64" that was mislabeled last time, so there won't be any confusion about what you are getting.

    I saw it in a flyer, and thought I'd pass it along. I'm still stocked up from the last good sale they had, so I won't be ordering myself.


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    great deal, thanks.

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