Primary uses will be for 3-4 day trips to Yosemite, JMT, Joshua Tree, 2+ week PCT section hikes as well as the full PCT next year. I've learned a lot lurking here the past week or so but would like some practical advice.
I am trying to keep my base pack weight below 8lbs. From my experience a good nights sleep makes your day on the trail more enjoyable and gives me much more endurance (would like to keep 25mi/day pace). I'm sick of the aches and pains (knee, hip, back) of ground sleeping that I've been subjected to throughout my time in the military and ready to RELAX, at least at night!

Blackbird Single 1.1 (17oz)
Yeti UQ (10oz?)
MacCat Standard Spinn (8oz?)
Nunatak Arc Specialist (17oz)
4x Carbon Fiber Ti-Goat Stakes (.88 oz)

[Other Gear]
Patagonia Capalene 3 tops and bottoms (5.8 and 4.8oz)
ULA Conduit (20oz)

I've read a bit about the "Whoopie Sling Suspension". About how much does this weigh?
I realize I can go lighter with the pack but I would rather not sacrifice durability in this category.

Will there be durability issues with the single 1.1? I was also considering getting the double layered 1.1 to put a GG thinlight in between.

Will I need a Down Insulating jacket layer? I've never felt the need for anything like this in the military, while keeping active thin fleece baselayers were always enough. I don't plan on bringing rain pants. Are there any jackets out there that can/should be used for not only a rain jacket but a windjacket (concerned about breathability)?