We decided to get out of the house for a bit yesterday, and I wanted to practice hanging all my hammock gear in preparation for my pack trip coming up on Wensday so we headed for the hills. We loaded up the car with all my hammock gear and took off for the Trinity mountains. It is a little over an hour and a half drive up sometimes rough roads. Not so bad that we had any problem driving up in the Versa but definitely 4 wheel drive if the weather were bad. So we parked at one of the camp sites along Big Trinity Lake, we took a short hike along the lake to find a Geocache and then headed back to our parking spot to relax play with the hammock gear and have diner.

So here is the lake

Black Bird by the lake

My DIY "Black Plague" UQ

My DIY "Agent Orange" Tarp

And AD & WD with their dinners of mashed potatoes and pasta

LT giving up the hammock so we could head home

We had a fun time driving through the mountains, all the wild flowers in the world are blooming right now up there. My wife got to lounge in the BB for an hour or so, now she is a "maybe a hammock is ok." We saw 4 does with a total of 5 yearlings out and about on the way down from the lakes. Tones of fish jumping while we ate. And other than a couple of very tired little boys we had a lot of fun (heck of a lot better than sitting around the house all day.