Griz, on a 1:10 scale your videos are a 20! Superb doesn't approach the adjective needed to describe your work.
Sho-me and I just watched. She's been exposed so far to webbing/carabiner suspension and line/triangle/loosed buntline hitch ((or garda/rings).
She asks and I ask to confirm the advantages/disadvantages of UCR and Whoopie....
I tell her that UCR and Whoopie have no knots to weeken (or compress and weaken with garda/rings).....that the UCR and Whoopie are quick to adjust....these being the positives.
The negative is that you carry twice the length of cord needed which equals more weight....can you say double the weight of cord?
My position as stated in another thread in the past is that for me weight is the critical issue when backpacking; I can withstand another 5 minutes dialing in the hang...for paddle camping the weight becomes moot.
Thanks again for another incredible lesson/presentation.
One more request....please show the link to your video your hike in the Lake District. I rave about it and Sho-me wants to see it!