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  4. FS: Warbonnet Blackbird DL 1.1 + Torso UQ, ENO DoubleNest
  5. FS: Dream Hammock 1.2 MTN XL Freebird, 11' x 65" with removable peak shelf and Lash-it ridgeline
  6. FS: Warbonnet 20 Lynx - Klymit Insulated Static V
  7. FS: Waymark EVLV 35 liter EPX frameless pack, shoulder pocket, 1" hip belt
  8. FS: LiteAF Curve X35L Backpack with LiteAF DCF Fanny Pack
  9. FS: Hammock Gear Burrow Top Quilt 40F/5C
  10. FS: FS: New Fully Rigged Hammock Gear 11 Foot Dynema Palace Camo Tarp