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  4. FS: Warbonnet Lynx Full length 20F - EUROPE :)
  5. FS/FT: Tensa 4 UCR + Solo + Tarp Extenders (Both Peg Types) - CANADA BC
  6. FS: Thermarest NeoAir Xlite sleeping pad and Spyderco Endura
  7. FS: Exped Dreamwalker, Big Agnes Dri-down Vest and UTILIKILT!!!
  8. FS: Original BB 1.7 dbl with whoopies with Multi Cam Sock; Alite Chair; MSR Ti Kettle Cook Setup
  9. FS: 1.0 Hexon Dutch Chameleon (Dark Olive)
  10. UQ 40D Shorty and Gear Sling - DYI by Kitsap Cowboy
  11. FS: Loco Libre Operator Series 50 Degree TQ/UQ Set
  12. FS: HG 20 Premium (850fp) Burrow