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08-16-2009, 16:32
The group buy by the 'other' hangout got me to thinking. Always a scary thing to happen. Anyway, I live near Seattle, and am looking for an excuse for a road trip. I could swing by Seattle Marine and pick up supplies if there is any interest. Post here, and I'll make up the details as we go along. I'll be flying, but I can devote one duffle bag @ 50 lbs to bringing goodies back from here. I guess If someone wanted fabrics from the fabric place out here I could do that, too. Just need to have the excuse to head up there. Depends on how much money we end up talking as to whether I can front it all or not, and just collect at the hang.

08-16-2009, 17:23
What is being bought in this group buy?

If you're just offering to pick supplies up for people to save them shipping, that's great. But, typically a group buy focuses on one item purchased in bulk in order to get a better price.

Big D
08-16-2009, 17:50
What is being bought in this group buy?

If you're just offering to pick supplies up for people to save them shipping, that's great. But, typically a group buy focuses on one item purchased in bulk in order to get a better price.

7/64 th Amsteel.

08-16-2009, 20:46
I thought that I'd offer to transport, and see what folks would want to put together the 7/64 Amsteel was what brought it to mind. If this doesn't fit with your idea of 'group buy' I'm sure that you will put it in another forum you do like. /snark

One issue with so many forums, many of them buried as 'sub' forums that aren't really listed anywhere that the average person can see at a glance is that only you know where things are 'supposed' to go.

08-16-2009, 20:58
Snark isn't appreciated. I was asking a legitimate question.

There is only one sub-forum on the entire forum. I'm not sure how much of a burden it is to find things there. :rolleyes:

08-16-2009, 21:05
How would I know that there is only one, when subs aren't listed anywhere?

To clarify, it is an open offer. If the group wants to put together an order of a larger quantity of something to get a better offer, I'll transport it as long as it is under 50 lbs. If someone wants a small order that isn't worth it because of shipping, I'm heading up there anyway and can pick it up and bring it along, too.

There is a fabric place that is mentioned out here, too. I'm up for going there if anyone wants something from there, and that would probably fall into the 'shipping makes it not worth it' category. I'll be your personal shopper.

The snark is because you seem to be able to find something to pick at about every single thread I start here since you became a moderator. You ALWAYS move my threads, and without notifying me. If you don't move this one, it will be a first. If you weren't snipping me I wouldn't snark back.

I'm making an honest offer to help the folks who will be at Hot Springs for the September hang out. Or, who are in Nashville even if they won't make the hangout. I seem to have a condition that is getting worse where I can't come up with the proper names of things anymore, such as not remembering the name of the fabric place. It is difficult for me to deal with, and isn't a good thing to have happen to a computer geek who lives and dies by terminology. I apologize if it makes me harder to understand.

08-16-2009, 21:12
Shadowmoss - I have no issue with you. Or your threads. I'm sorry if ever speaking to you makes you defensive.

We (the mods) don't make notifications about thread moves to anyone, not just you. If we did, we would spend all our time writing PM's. There is a lot of behind the scenes effort that goes into keeping this place organized. And that's not an excuse...just saying..

08-17-2009, 08:02
I think Angrysparrow was just trying to point out that unless we focus on one item and a few items then there is not going to be much of a savings to people other then the shipping cost.

Are you willing to take on everyone's order even if the is one one person order one item?

If that is the case then we can change the title of the thread to somehting like " Group buy on items in the Seattle area to have delivered to Hot Springs and save shipping cost.

08-18-2009, 07:57
Pretty much the only thing ordered from Seattle Marine is the amsteel. I'm not too concerned about being flooded with folks wanting a lot of different things from a lot of different places. I saw that Seattle Marine aparently has a very good price on a cord that many hammockers use, and that the Mid-Atlantic folks were getting up a group buy from there for their hang. I thought I'd throw out an offer to the folks at the Hot Springs hang. My title says what I wanted it to say. The fabric place was just thrown in because I also saw where a member had come to Seattle from Canada and gotten some things from there.

I honestly didn't think my post was that unclear or that the title needed to be edited. In my mind it's a group buy because I'm willing to grab a spool of amsteel if that is what is wanted and deliver it to Hot Springs. I'm open to other things while I'm up there.

08-18-2009, 09:15
Looking forward to seeing you at SEHHA Shadowmoss whether you bring Amsteel with you or not. I appreciate your being willing to deliver it to the hangout.

08-18-2009, 21:12
**shadowmoss hugs NCPatrick**

Looking forward to seeing you, too.

I'll probably head up there this next weekend and check out in person what kind of prices I can get. Depending on what I find, I'll either post it here, or just pick up a spool. Again, depends on what I find, but I will most likely get grey, and maybe just a few 100' of blue. The blue is stronger, but I'm hearing about smurf hands...

08-18-2009, 21:18
I was needing 57 lbs of amsteel, but seeing that you put a limit to 50 lbs I guess I will have to pass. Oh well....:(

08-18-2009, 21:21
**shadowmoss smacks Nest**

Looking forward to seeing you, too.

I just mapped the Redding Marine address, and it's about another hour north of Seattle Marine. Depending on the price, I might head up there. Heck, just for a road trip I might run up there.

I'll make some calls and post what the two places tell me latter this week.

08-18-2009, 22:24
your bringing amstel beer...cool

08-19-2009, 18:47

Actually the site the Amstel beer is kinda neat.