View Full Version : Snugpak quilts vs. DD quilts

01-23-2015, 04:23
I know it's been mentioned in a few threads but I haven't seen a thread dedicated to this question.

To specifiy the topic of this thread, I should probably mention that it's mainly aimed towards the under blanket, since the top quilt's are very different in their respective construction. See for yourself:

Top quilt from DD: http://www.ddhammocks.com/product/dd_hammock_quilt
Top quilt from Snugpak: http://www.outdoorgb.com/p/snugpak__hammock_quilt/?SelectedItem=623882

For good measure, I'll link to the under blankets as well, since these are the ones I'm curious about the most.

Under blanket from DD: http://www.ddhammocks.com/product/dd-underblanket
Under blanket from Snugpak: http://www.outdoorgb.com/p/snugpak_hammock_underblankets/?SelectedItem=623881

There are many similarities to the two under blankets but also some differences. I'm myself the happy owner of the snugpak version (of both under and top quilts) but am wondering if anyone has done any side-by-side comparison of the two under blankets.

What are the main differences?
What are the pro's and con's of them compared to each other?
Which one would you recommend?
Does the price match the quality? (DD is quite a lot cheaper)

If people feel like discussing the top quilts too, they're more than welcome. It's after all easier to have one thread comparing the two manufacturers then having several.