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02-26-2015, 15:55
I just received my new DD Frontline, Whoopie slings & Tree Huggers.
Now, I know this is a total Noob question, probably a silly one too..............

A lot of other posts talk about the use of a permanent ridgeline at 83% of hammock length to get the optimum lay......
I assume it can't be done with a hammock like the Frontline with it's bugnet config as it is?
All the vids I've seen for the DD hammocks make no mention of this permanent static ridgeline. Is it possible / needed / unnecessary?


PS - Sorry if this should be in "Suspension Systems and Ridgelines......."

02-26-2015, 17:02
The lay in the DD hammocks is quite different so I am not sure if a fixed ridgeline at 83% would be your best option. If you struggle to get comfortable it might be worth looking into how you could rig up an adjustable ridgeline. Things might have changed but DD used to recommend hanging the hammock quite tight, I personally found looser was more comfortable.

04-14-2016, 07:57
Does anyone else have had the luck with applying a ridgeline to a DD Frontline? Haven't seen a solution on the internet yet!

Would be really nice!

I'm wondering if you can cut a little hole in the mosquito net and then run a ridgeline through and tie it like a home made hammock?

04-14-2016, 09:46
A ridgeline in a dd hammock would dramatically change its lay. The trench cord can be somewhat set up for a ridgeline inside of the netting. But to make a structural ridgeline would make the hammock too short imo

04-14-2016, 14:16
Well, im only 5ft 9in, so don't think that would be the problem.. and 83 % of the full lengh will be 6ft 5in..

The reason why I would like a structural ridge line is that I really like the idea that the sack is the same every time. But i'm not sure how it will affect the mosq net.....

04-14-2016, 17:02
You could always call or ask them, or shoot brandon a email or any one of the vendors might know if or how it will effect it. Suggest you try dd first

04-15-2016, 01:21
I did it on mine. There's a post up about it from years ago. Will set if I can dig it out.

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04-15-2016, 01:32
Here you go. https://www.hammockforums.net/forum/showthread.php?p=470257

It's on a TW hammock, but the same principal applies.

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04-15-2016, 07:40
You can run a SRL over the top of the bugnet, you just need to extend the ends of the hammock with a cord at each end, so that the attachment point is higher than the bugnet (effectively lengthening your hammock). When you measure your hammock then, include the length of the cord extensions.
I did similar here, with a DD jungle modular,

04-21-2016, 21:24
I just tied a ridgeline on my DD Frontline. I used a piece of lash it. I made mine 88 inches long with two bow lines on one end is a longer tail in case I need to change it. I have not spent a night in it with the ridgeline however I have spent lots of nights in it without a ridgeline. I think it will make a difference, it will be more comfortable with less shoulder squeeze. It did not interfere with the bug net too much. It is a little in the way when getting in and out until you realize you can use it as a hand hold.

Hope this helps you out.


Mike Baker

04-21-2016, 21:54
You can install a ridgeline in a hammock like yours. Here is part one of a three part series on installing one on a Yukon-Outfitters Mosquito hammock.