View Full Version : Thunderbird

03-23-2015, 16:23
I emailed the company about this, but may get a quicker answer here. I'm interested in the thunderbird. Does it require a tarp for rain even though it has a removable over cover (it appears to be attached, zip-off?).

03-23-2015, 16:33
I think this post was probably intended for the Dream Hammock thread rather than the DD thread. Assuming that's the case and we are talking about the Dream Hammock Thunderbird, the over cover does not take the place of a tarp. It helps keep in a little extra heat in the colder months, but will not keep out the water.

03-23-2015, 18:02
Like spaceman said, you will still need a tarp to stay dry. It does help to keep the wind off if you though on those chilly windy nights.

03-23-2015, 18:13
To take it one step further, you likely won't find a waterproof over cover for a hammock from most quality vendors due to the guaranteed condensation you would experience inside them (not just the TBird). Assume any top cover will NOT be waterproof. If it says it is waterproof, you'll just be wet from your own personal microclimate inside the hammock instead of the rain.