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04-25-2015, 13:00
Let's see if anyone except Seth monitors this sub forum.

I've had my double for over 8 years but haven't used it much. Use my switchback for car camping hangs and my DD Hammocks Superlight for backpacking. I have a Byer hammock stand in my deck and use my fabulous Brazillian double on that frequently.

A few months ago, I hung the TLG double on the trees by the lake where I live and was sooo uncomfortable. Can't remember details now but am guessing it was a distance/suspension problem.

I got the Boonedox USA Drifter hammock stand for Xmas. Mfr said a 10' hammock would work. I tried the TLG-D with and without the optional extenders and it was soo stretchy my butt was on the floor. The Drifter is great but not very high. If I start with a taut hammock the sides end up being very tight. Hard to explain. I ordered a 9.5' PolyD (least stretch of his line) hammock and it works well but I'm thinking of ordering a 10' NylonD (moderate stretch) from Dutch and using the 9.5-footer on the Drifter Clone that supposedly weighs 10 lbs v 22-26 lbs of the Drifter.

As I told my son whose reply to my Mother's Day request suggestion was something like "and you need another hammock and stand for why?", it's like tents and you need a different one for different occasions. The Drifter fits fine in my huge, heavy screen room, but pokes out the mesh and nylon of my new REI kingdom 4 (now I wish I had the 6!). PLUS, I'm going to see how it fits in my kayak for an upcoming river camping trip. We don't always have suitable trees close to the River and Mosquitos and undergrowth preclude going too far inland.

So, I'm willing to give the TLG-D another try but that means cutting off the hook it came with and using a continuous loop. Have others cut the hook off?

What I'm really interested is whether people find the parachute nylon to be very stretchy compared to others. Also, when sleeping solo (I'm 5') do the sides come up so high as to be in the way?

04-25-2015, 14:02
I think my first hammock was a treklight gear double and it was very uncomfortable, i found it to be very stretchy and the sides were a pain to deal with.
Tried a buddy of mines Blackbird and could not believe the differance, wow.
We have a few of Dutch's poly hammocks and the wife and i both have blackbird xlc's as well as i now sleep in my new favorite Hyper d Dream hammock that i find more than comfy.
I dont see much differance between the treklight gear and a Yukon outfitters hammock,, but this is just my personal opinion.
I prefer to stay away from the parachute nylon , allthough we keep a few Yukons on hand for back up or loaners, they will do in a pinch.

04-26-2015, 19:43
Tx, that pretty much echoes my problem. I bought an 8'+ parachute nylon cheapie ($18) from Amazon (trying to find a good fit for the Drifter) and, tho pretty colors (magenta with olive sides like the Treklights) it didn't work. The three rows of stitching were very annoying.

04-26-2015, 20:54
My first hammock was a Trek Light double. It's the hammock that led me to HF and learning about how to use hammocks for camping. I loved it from the first hang, and I still love it today. It's the one hammock I've kept as I've test driven & sold many others. It's nice and wide, which I love, and the stretch in the fabric suits me. I added a knotty mod to help with the extra fabric. I did swap out the stock suspension for cinch buckles & webbing soon after getting it. I recently got an 11 foot/64 wide Hammock Netty that's the first hammock to rival my Trek Light in comfort.