View Full Version : Ring buckle suspension slipping

Bob Bobson
04-29-2015, 14:37
Anyone else encounter this problem? I've tried a couple of different tree huggers, and the hammock holds...until I sit down on it. Then it gently takes me to the ground. I've "solved the problem so far by tying off the end of the tree hugger, but I'm worried that will not work long-term. Any advice?

04-29-2015, 14:41
With rings you are supposed to tie a slipped half hitch just above them so that the line will jam up and not slip. Rings on their own will not grip well enough to hold without the slipped half hitch.....big part of the reason that cinch buckles got so popular for a year or so before the whoopie sling took over top spot.

04-29-2015, 14:42
Which cinch buckle or rings are you using?

Bob Bobson
04-29-2015, 15:06
Thanks for the prompt responses, gentlemen! I'm using the TTTG ring hammock suspension, gmc. Paul, thanks for the explanation. That's what I've been doing, so it's nice to have the reaffirmation!

04-29-2015, 18:46
Yep, standard procedure to use a slipped half hitch with rings. Several years ago when I gave them a try, I knowingly ignored using the half hitch as I had never had them slip. One day when I sat down, there was a loud pop and I hit the ground hard. I never failed to use the slipped half hitch after that.:scared:

07-16-2015, 22:50
+1 definitely need a back up knot for rings they can get a little moody at times

07-17-2015, 00:31
Uh. Am out of line suggesting a slippery sheet bend (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFwfckjQAUg)? No rings, hardware, or any such 'stuff'. I use that now. It's just more strap. I know more strap means more weight, but I don't care (not a gram counter). I have continuous loops on my hammocks, and use a slippery sheet bend to the straps. That's it. They haven't slipped so far (not a bit). I'm a 100%'er at home, and only camp with my hammock.

07-17-2015, 08:58
A slippery larks head off of a beener is a nice set up as well