View Full Version : Mosquito net and rain

05-25-2015, 08:39
Iīve just recently bought a DD frontline hammock. I have read about drip lines and such and that you should always set up a drip line on your hammock suspension (iīm using tree straps, carabiners and whoopie slings). I am a little bit concerned about the bungee cord that holds up the mosquito net. If you attach that to your suspension or your tarp ridgeline (as it says in the instructions), donīt you run a risk of the bungee cord transporting water to the hammock through the mosquito net? Should i set up drip lines on the bungee cord as well?

05-26-2015, 12:39
As long as your bungee cord is under the tarp, and on the dry side of your existing drip line, it will be fine. You shouldn't get any water running down the line past the drip line.
If you attach your bungee where it may get wet, then you would want a drip line on it as well.