View Full Version : Possible room for Trail Days

05-15-2007, 00:58
I also posted this on WhiteBlaze, but just in case there are people here who do not go to WhiteBlaze I wanted to post it here.

We may have an extra seat available for a ride to Trail Days for anyone that is willing to split the gas. We will not know for sure if that seat is available until Tuesday afternoon. If by chance we have room for someone we would like to make it available to someone willing to share gas and we would like to not have to veer to far off our intended route.

I am not 100% sure of the route as my partner has tracked the route out and I have not talked to him yet. So do not take this route as set in stone. I believe the route we are taking is from Maine route 95 to Mass route 90 to CT route 84 into Hartford and picking up route 91, then picking up the Merritt Parkway and crossing the Tappan Zee bridge. Picking up route 78 until PA where we will pick up 81 the rest of the way.

We will be leaving Maine Wednesday afternoon sometime and should be arriving in Damascus on Thursday sometime before lunch.

We will be leaving Damascus Sunday sometime possibly around lunch time to head back.

Like I said this is not a definite yet, but we have a seat that a person may be canceling on us and we wanted to make it available if there was room.