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Porter Rockwell
08-17-2015, 08:17
It arrived last week. Had time to take a long look at it over the weekend.

Above all, the workmanship is superb! The construction and stitching are artwork.

The dimensions are right-on and I suspect from its net weight, without bag, that there's a bit more down in it.

I am soooooo happy to have it. Been cold many times, but this Polarpod will end that problem.
There is an exhaustive PeaPod + 2oz review by Billybob 58 on this Forum. It's worth reading.

If you are considering HOW to stay warm in colder weather, this concept of Ed Speer's, now so beautifully executed by TTTGEAR and Dale IS the solution. Put doors on a big tarp via 2QZQ and you're home free!

Thanks, Dale. Your customer service and exceptional integrity have made a lasting impression.

WARMEST regards.
Kevin Tinny

08-18-2015, 23:06
I too have a polar pod with 900 fill and 6 oz of overstuff. It kept me warm and toasty at -15. I do use a light weight top quilt with it at those temps. Dale is a great guy and very helpful. Enjoy your pod [emoji41]

08-21-2015, 23:37
Thanks guys, I love my PolarPod as well. I think it truly is the most efficient insulation system for a hammock.

09-09-2015, 21:00
Guys, point me in the right direction. Website? Facebook page? I know it's an older design, who is making it now?

09-09-2015, 21:01