View Full Version : One of my DD whoopie slings is missing a bead

09-05-2015, 15:59

One my whoopieslings has a bead on the adjustable loop, to stop the loop from being pulled inside the cord, but the other does not. Can any here tell me if your DD whoopie slings both have a bead?

Or did I just got a "bad" version?

09-05-2015, 16:02
I've heard others say something about that. I just leave a biner on the loop. I also replaced my slings with a loop from Dutch (dutchware.com) and then grabbed a new set of whoopies from Dutch: each end is a different color. Hope that helps.

Phantom Grappler
09-05-2015, 16:27
You can splice in an inch long section of amsteel into the inside of adjustable end of whoopie sling(close to the bury) this will replace the bead is low cost light weight and almost invisible. You will see it work if whoopie sling adjustable loop gets pulled too far then the double thickness will stop whoopie sling from disappearing into itself. Good luck Martin_1

09-05-2015, 16:50
Thanks guys for the ideas. But I bought them expecting both to have a bead. It kinda surprised me that I got one with and one without a bead and I can't believe this is standard :). I will see if I can exchange the one without the bead.

09-05-2015, 17:16
Beads are noted for breaking and leaving to wonder where they went.:lol:

09-05-2015, 18:17
i just put a cable tie on the loop and cut it close.

09-05-2015, 19:59
If you use toggles or other hardware, you can also use a short loop of cord to permanently attach them to the whoopies. This is what serves as my "bead". Also, I used two different colors of cord so I can tell the head/foot end apart.

Good luck.....

09-05-2015, 20:07
I am sure it was a mistake. However if you tie anything around it you are good to go. Wire tie, split ring, a thick piece of string will serve the same purpose.

09-06-2015, 11:43
Mistakes do happen, I am not to bothered by it :). But if I can exchange I will. Although the toggle solution, I do use toggles, seems the best solution for my way of setting up.