View Full Version : Loco Libre 20 Degree Long Hot UQ!!!

11-04-2015, 20:45
Well, I just graduated into the world of UQ's. I have been studying and studying underquilts for months (probably over a year). Reading everyones post on this forum has provided a wealth of knowledge. After looking at JRB Mt Washington and HG Incubator, I decided on the Loco Libre Long Hot 20 Degree (Black on Black). Pricing was inline with everyone else and I just like the design for my WB XLC with the right hand lay. Everything looks top notch with their products. I am fan of doing business with new companies. Love the spirt of entrepreneurship!!

Anyone that has ideas or experiences with one of these UQ's, please share!!!

I will try to post pictures once it arrives


11-07-2015, 21:30
Been looking at Loco libre long hot under quilts have a friend that has one ! great product you can't go wrong going to be ordering one soon my self!Dont forget to post the picks!:cool: