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11-21-2009, 22:29
hey there all,
just wondering about the top blanket? I read the Thread a couple pages over but was wondering if there was anyone else w/ Speer TB experience.

I like the specs on it - seems comfy and warm, but wondering about such a small size? (42 x 72") Is this drafty in a hammock? I'm 5'11" and thin framed and would be using it primarily as a TQ in a WBBB for three season use.

In comparison I am also strongly considering the JRB Hudson River w/ 1oz. overstuff as well. (78x48") both about $200 right now! :D

speer is lighter (18oz.) and packs smaller but JRB slightly heavier (21oz.) w/ more options?

BTW I was considering putting my boots in the bottom to keep from freezing so maybe length of quilt important - Where else could the boots go in a hammock? Hung on RL inside of netting w/out a sock warm enough at 30* or 20*?

Thanks ahead of time, this is a great forum,

Albert Skye
11-21-2009, 23:04
I've been quite pleased with my Top Blanket; no issues regarding coverage (I'm about 6'1" and 160 lbs). Speer's workmanship is excellent. Perhaps my only complaint is that the fabric is apparently not calendared.

I suggest putting your boots under your knees (wrapped up in something a little softer). I always put something under my knees anyway, for comfort.

11-22-2009, 06:55
I got a Speer Top Blanket to go with my PeaPod. I was told that it's narrow because it is made with the PeaPod in mind. It is a perfect in mine!

Another thing I like about it is that, being narrow, it will do very well as added insulation inside the PeaPod. This will work with any UQ, too. When I try the STB below, I'll use my Speer Frog Sac as a TQ.

The dual use is intriguing, and I'm hoping to find some serious cold in which to try it this winter!

- MacEntyre