View Full Version : Loco Libre - Ghost Pepper vs Serrano - chevron baffles worth it?

04-12-2016, 14:25
From what I understand the only difference between the Ghost Pepper TQ and the Serrano TQ is the "chevron" shape of the baffle on the Ghost Pepper.

Has anyone tried both TQ's? Does the chevron baffle really make that much of a difference compared to the more traditional baffle shape?

04-12-2016, 14:50
I can tell you when I fill them there is a definite difference in how easy it is to distribute the down evenly though the quilt. With the Serrano I can give the quilt a few shakes and for the most part the down will even out. With the Ghost Pepper I have to physically move the down through the baffles to even everything out. There is little if any down shift, even in the warmer weather quilts with less down. The chevrons are definitely not a gimmick.

04-12-2016, 15:19
Glad to see that George chimed in and he can probably give better advice about his own product with his experiences in both making and using quilts. However, I also completely understand the consumer side of things and wanting to hear from other customers.

I've only had my GP for a little over a month now, but I'm impressed by the baffle design (and of course overall workmanship). Is it a night and day difference or a 20 comfort difference? Of course not. However, as an occasional restless sleeper, I definitely notice a difference over a standard baffle design from both quilts that I had built or were purchased. Even tossing and turning through a night there was no detectable down shift. I never froze from the small amount of down shift in standard quilts on a restless night, but I have noticed it.

Ultimately I think the design pushes or boosts the efficiency level of a quilt and avoids cold spots. I tried explaining it to a close friend on our last trip and the best way I could think of was relating the baffle design to an underquilt's suspension. Imagine an underquilt where you never had to fiddle with suspension and it was always perfect right out of the stuff sack. No drafts, no cold spots, no adjusting and it always stays that way.

For me, making an investment in a quality quilt set, it was well worth it.