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04-13-2016, 20:01
Ditched my tent a few years back and have been struggling with insulation ever since. Pads, pluqs, reflectix, you name it, I've tried it. Just didn't want to spend the money on a proper underquilt. Was planning on doing a couple sections of the Ozark Trail with a friend and decided I wasn't going to fight it any more. Shopped around, read threads and went with a Loco Libre 20 Habanero after several emails to George. First night (last Saturday) temps were mid 30's and rainy, went with my normal mode of night time dress. Mid-weight wool blend top and bottoms, wool socks, wool hat and a down puffy jacket. Within minutes of settling in I realized i was WAY over-dressed! Lost the jacket and the socks and was warm in a hammock for the first time ever! I couldn't believe the feeling of having that downy goodness underneath me, how it just seemed to radiate heat back up. Third night and I was unsure of what the temps would be, but by then I was confident in the abilities of George's labor of love. T-shirt and compression shorts to bed. Thought about hanging my mid-weight layer on the ridgeline just in case, but didn't. Temps that night were in the low 30's (my wet socks that I had hung on my suspension to dry were stiff, not quite frozen) with a little breeze, but I never woke up all night. And now for the only problem I had the entire time; laying in a toasty warm hammock, needing to use the bathroom, but not wanting to get out and freeze while I was digging out something to wear!

Awesome job George!! Love the Habanero, and now I need to stop fighting the sleeping bag I've been using and get a Top Quilt. I'm thinking a 30 because I'm almost afraid a 20 will be too warm.

04-13-2016, 22:42
Good stuff! And by now you've discovered we give you a ton of options,except one. Warmth is standard. Enjoy!

04-14-2016, 10:11
I too love the art work that George produces and he's a heck of a guy who seems to not tire (at least not that I know :) from the endless questions I've posted. I'm a big fan. The only issue I have is with me waiting till the last minute to order a quilt and then die waiting.