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05-02-2016, 06:54
Want to Buy (WTB) Questions and Answers
1) Who can post in the WTB section? Any member of Hammock Forums (HF). There is no post count limitations for WTB.

2) What is the purpose of WTB? For members to contact other members (not vendors) about used items they may have but not need.

3) Why can I not contact vendors to buy new products via WTB? Vendors on HF have their own section to post offerings in along with their own method of selling be that Face Book or a web site. They are not permitted to sell their products on HF. You are welcome to contact any vendor on HF via PM if you want information or pricing on their items but the best way to reach them is through their own web site.

4) How do I set up payment? That is between the buyer and seller but most payment takes place for items via PayPal but do not use Pay Pal Friend and Family/Gift option.

5) Why can’t I use the PayPal Friends and Family/Gift option? Because it is against the terms of service of PayPal and HF will not support the use of a feature which does not comply with PayPal terms of service. It is also against the HF Terms of Service (TOS). You will have no recourse for reimbursement if you use Friends and Family/Gift for payment.

6) Does shipping have to be included the purchase price? No. All pricing, shipping, and payment is totally at the control of the parties involved

7) Why can’t I have more than 1 post in WTB at a time? History has shown that when more than one post is open by a member at a time, they will get “lost” and the member will forget to close their post. This not only adds additional work on the moderators but when there are many unclosed posts many of the members are not willing to spend a lot of time seeing what others want.

9) How many items can I have in my 1 post in WTB? As many as you wish to purchase. Unlike the FS area the WTB area does not restrict the number of items you want to purchase.

10) Why do I have to close my own thread? The purchaser knows better than anyone when they are finished buying items so rather than a MOD asking “are you done yet?” you can determine when you are finished.

11) Why is a moderator posting “has this item been found yet” in my thread and what happens if I don’t respond? If you don’t “bump” your thread at least once per week one of the mods will check to see if you have found the item. If you don’t respond within 3 days (72 hours) the moderators will close your thread assuming you no longer need the item. If you repeatedly open threads to WTB something then don’t respond, the moderators may remove your access to the Market Place.

12) Why when I comment on someone else’s WTB thread do the MODs remove it? The MODS will remove any comments that are not related to “I’ll take it” “I will sell you” or asking/answering a question because they are disruptive to the flow of the sale. Also if praise of a product is allowed then we would also need to allow negative comments. HF prefers that buyers/sellers do their own research rather than allowing for comments from individuals not involved in the sale of the product.

13) Is HF responsible if my item is not received? Simple answer is No. If you used PayPal then you can utilize their services for disputes. If you did not use PayPal then you are on your own. If you have tried to work with the seller and cannot find agreement, you can report the issue to a MOD (be sure to include a link to the thread and a copy of PM’s). While a MOD can do nothing to get your funds returned or the item replaced, if the infraction is severe enough or repeating, a member can and will be removed from the Market Place.

14) When I have two WTB threads posted, why don't the MODS just remove one of them instead of both? Because the MODS have no clue which thread you would like to have removed. By removing them both it allows the OP to determine which thread they want to have posted or if they want to combine up the two/three threads into one thread.

15) How do I get a question answered that is not covered above? Post it in this thread.

01-07-2017, 17:41
Question came to me yesterday on why WTB area has responses such as "get it from this vendor", "check craigslist", get XYZ brand..it's really good, etc, etc deleted from the threads. The concern was the Market Place is too heavily moderated.

Answer: The WTB and entire Market Place area is specifically intended for folks to try to purchase used items from other members. Most members here have already determined what they need, did their homework on brands/vendors, and are trying to save a few $$ via the Market Place area of Hammock Forums.

When we were reworking the Market Place a frequently voiced concern was that other members were "hijacking" their WTB/FS/WTT threads by going off topic, getting into side conversations not with the OP of the thread, and in general disrupting the OP's ability to purchase or sell. Therefore, the moderators will remove all posts not directly related to the OP's ability to purchase another members used item.

08-06-2020, 15:10
I closed my WTB post but it still shows up in the listings. Is there a way to archive it so it doesn't clutter up the forum?

08-06-2020, 15:25
I closed my WTB post but it still shows up in the listings. Is there a way to archive it so it doesn't clutter up the forum?

In WTB the mods are responsible for moving it which I did.

08-06-2020, 15:31
Oh rad. Thanks!