View Full Version : DD SuperLight Jungle Hammock in the rain

05-05-2016, 18:17
The little tarplet that attaches directly to the hammock - is that enough to keep you dry?
The bottom of the hammock isn't waterproof and seems like it'd be really exposed if the rain came with some wind.

Usually you'd carry a regular tarp with you too so you could be dry to cook, etc, but for a group camping, I might just cook with other people.

05-24-2016, 13:21
No, tarplet will not keep the hammock dry if there is powerful rain or normal rain and wind. To me solution in bug season is to use a air mattress for insulation, so wet hammock does not bother me so much. I use synthetic top-quilts.

And during cold season I use a Jerven Exclusive bivak/windsack/raincape product around my hammock, but that can not be used when bug netting is in use, Jerven goes only around the hammock and occupant.

05-27-2016, 10:32
Great info. That Jerven Exclusive looks interesting; seems like a silnylon bag shaped like a wearable sleeping bag. I see it there in your picts. How's the condensation been when you've slept in it?

05-28-2016, 06:19
Condensation does not bother. Insulation works even when moist - bit colder as one can expect - but it works. The reason that condensation does no bother is the fact that it happens only between the insulation and waterproof (cold) outer layer. Sleepper keeps the inner insulation material warm and there is only moisture in air. Only at the morning when components are separated one sees how much water has formed. Usually the outer fabric of the insulation is partly wet. But no wind and no evaporation through waterproof part makes the system very warm. I have tested that I can use summer sleeping bag (synthetic) during spring and autumn - aka as low as -8 C. And that makes the system worth carrying. It also makes possible to leave extra spare warm clothing home - If it is colder than I did foresee I just wear the insulation or insulation with waterproof part as a parka. It is also a great garment just to sit and enjoy ones surroundings when weather is colder than You did expect.