View Full Version : Loco Libre Synthetic underquilt problems not the uqs fault!!

05-15-2016, 22:15
hello all, i recently got a cayenne underquilt from loco, which is amazing, the night i tried it out it was about 50 degrees so i didn't notice the cold spot cause i was warm and fell right to sleep well, tonight its 32 degrees i put my underquilt under the hammock and got it ready climbed in and wow instant warmth but then between the butt and the knee got cold but my back and my shoulders and butt are warm as could be but i still have that cold spot i have my uq ends and tight as i can get it against the hammock but still have a cold spot? what am i doing wrong or what would yall suggest to fix it?

05-15-2016, 22:20
Full length or partial UQ?


05-15-2016, 22:24
its 65 inches so idk if thats considered full or partial

05-15-2016, 22:24
sometimes cinching the ends too tight can cause gaps that cool air will love to visit

05-15-2016, 22:27
ok ill try releasing them and see if that helps and try fiddling with the secondary suspension.

05-15-2016, 22:48
well after releasing the ends it got warmer so i did the secondary suspension and it still has a little bit of a cold spot not nearly as bad as it was but still there

05-15-2016, 23:31
No offense meant, but you need to phone a friend. I've owned four UQs and have never, ever tried to adjust one by myself. I always get an experienced user to help me adjust my UQ. I'm not even sure it's possible to adjust my own UQ satisfactorily.

05-16-2016, 04:23
Yep, have someone look at your ends as you're lying in the hammock. I can feel my head end for gaps but not my foot end. Even if you sit up to reach down to check your foot end, you change the weight distribution which greatly affects how the quilt seals against the foot end. Since your back is warm, I'm sure you just need a small adjustment at the foot end.

05-16-2016, 05:24
What everyone said. It's always best to have someone experienced look at your setup. It's also important not to over cinch the ends. Depends on your height, but for most users 65" would be partial.