View Full Version : Dale came through again!

Porter Rockwell
08-26-2016, 18:40
Just a hats-off to Dale for solving a big problem.

My Woods Four-Star extreme cold weather sleeping bag has been my survival sleeping bag when driving in nasty winter weather. It has been great, but suffered from a flannel liner that acted like VELCRO when ever I tried to move. Skip turning over.

Dale suggested a taffeta liner and made one that was a perfect fit. This was no small task.

Am I happy. Now I look forward to using it.

Again, Dale has never failed to be responsive and creative. I treasure his advice.

He spends time in the woods doing fun things while testing gear. Must be nice.
As always, he sees my phone text messages and responds as soon as he gets home.
Any wait has always been worth it

His hammocks WORK, I have two, and no one will ever get their hands on my treasured POLARPOD.

Thanks, so much.

Porter Rockwell

08-27-2016, 13:27
Dale is a true gem of a guy.

08-28-2016, 07:40
A 'true gem of a guy" responds to emails......

"no one will ever get their hands on my treasured POLARPOD." I'd love to get my own polarpod, doesn't appear that's gonna happen:confused::confused:

09-04-2016, 07:56
In the other thread he said a personal situation has taken up his computer time, so phone is the best way to reach him... Is this the best way to do business since almost all my interactions with vendors have also been through email? Probably not, but with a one man operation (no partner or SO to help answer emails) sometimes these things come up. Goobie here is a snippet with the number if you want to try that: "I have to apologize for my lack of response. I have been in a situation that has demanded all of my time and then some. As Porter Rockwell mentioned, if you do not get a email response within a day or two, call me at 252-619-8292, this is my cell."

I have only tested some TTTgear (when he did the switchback tour) but the emails I sent back then I got responded too. Just call man...