View Full Version : DD Superlight Jungle Hammock Field Test & Review

10-21-2016, 17:57
This is not just my first run with the DD Superlight Jungle Hammock, but my first try at hammocking EVER.

It's a bit longish, but I had a great time.

Totally in love with this hammock.

Thank you, DD, for such a tremendous product.


11-18-2016, 16:19
just watched your vid. very good. question, could you use tie outs on the side of the hammock to keep it from swaying, not only when you are not in it, but also to keep it still in the wind?

12-05-2016, 15:36
Hi Funky,
You joined HF in 2012 but just now Hanging?

I love my DD FL - even though i keep trying other hammocks - I always come back to my FL (Front Line not first love!) :lol:

When I come down to central Texas to visit family may be we can go hang

Blue Skies!

07-31-2017, 13:36
WOW, so sorry for the unreasonably delayed reply (life got in the way!).

Answer is YES, you could totally use tie-outs on the sides to keep the hammock still. I don't expect it would sway much with a body in it, at least, not in the kind of weather you'd want to hang in.